Our Story

The Wellness Loft houses 6 IL state-licensed therapists serving the Effingham area. We offer a strength based therapy approach that creates a sense of HOPE & PEACE by helping people focus on the positive, the effective, and reasonable solutions that are available. A strength based approach encourages what we are hopeful about, what we are already doing well, and what character traits can be used in finding solutions.

The best of modern therapy is much like a process of shared meditation, where the therapist and client sit together, learning to pay close attention to those aspects & dimensions of the self that the client may be unable to touch on his or her own.

-Jack Kornfield

Our passion is to help people of all ages find wellness and peace. The Wellness Loft assists in promoting positive outcomes for people facing life’s challenges. The therauputic relationship will focus on building trust, working together, and focusing on the positives to promote change and healing. We believe in helping people turn inward and search inside themselves for what can help them achieve health, happiness, and peace.

The Wellness Loft is a place to come where you can just BE instead of DO. The opposite of the crazy, often hectic world we live in. Contrary to popular belief, you may come to The Wellness Loft even without any major problems! You may come just to recharge and get more centered in your life which will in turn create a sense of WELL BEING in your life!

Come join us in creating a healthier you…and a healthier community!!

Please Contact Us to learn more about how we can help you achieve peace and feel more satisfied in your life’s direction.

Peace and Light,

Amy Guy, Clinic Director